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Overseer - Doomsday

Beats! Bass!
The sound sinister
Administer ways to set the world ablaze
Tracks flamed
Untamed bass raps unchained
Overseer saw the skys turn grey
Doomsday tidal waves from the US to the UK

Back against the wall
I stand tall
Face the grim
Blow decibals way past known levels
My method of madness is this
Sadness, gladness
All emotions evoked
Thoughts provoked
Beats come cloaked and daggered
Torn and tattered
Sleep the dreams
Dreams get shattered
Witness sound transformed to matter
Bone, flesh and plasma
Bone, flesh and plasma
It's ironic

Beats! Bass!
Bass raps unchained
Overseer saw the skys turn grey
Doomsday tidal waves

Attack tracks rap phantasm
Kicks and snares hit
Inflict back spasms
Necks cracked detached from spines
Vertebraes and backs
I paint with language
Place my verse on canvass

Sip the spirits
Lyrics cause wayward shifts to crash like the sirens
I stalk concrete jungles and prides like lions
Standing top Mount Zion
Trying to reach heaven without dying
I'm riding sound waves like Posiden
I clutch tight the trident
Bugles blare anouncing his arrival
Overseer, overseeing
Carpe dium seize the day

Drum track echos twenty thousand leagues away
I fly Concorde cross Atlantic
Beats, bass chords cause panic
Horns forewarn the swarm
Melodies freeze planets
Hemispheres severed
Seas, trees shattered
Birds, bees scattered
Earth knocked off its axis
Forty-five degree slanted
Arcane old spells
Wizadry repells
Lock, stock two barrels and a handful of shells
Rebellions quelled
Oceans swell
Thoughts prevail
Heaven or Hell


by xshoot2thrill



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